Report – Mazda RX-Vision concept could turn into production model

Report – Mazda RX-Vision concept could turn into production model image

The beautiful Mazda RX-Vision concept was introduced last year during the Tokyo Motor Show, and fans immediately jumped at the opportunity to convince the Japanese automaker to build it.

The latest rumor on the subject comes from Mazda’s design director Kevin Rice who recently declared in an interview the company would “love to build it.” But here the good news end, as the prototype displayed at the Japanese show last year was actually a simple design study – meaning it’s a hollow shell without the mandatory powertrain and running components. Additionally, the market for such a luxury coupe would probably be very niched and that means building a business case to warrant the research and development costs is a pretty slim chance. Then again, since it was introduced in October last year the concept garnered rave reviews everywhere it showed up and as always a heartwarming public reception is adding weight to the idea of a production model based on the RX-Vision.

“In the back rooms at Mazda, we’re still developing it, and when the world’s ready to buy another rotary, we’ll be ready to provide it,” added Rice. This means the company is still at work rehashing a rotary engined model, but that one might be the successor of the RX-8, and if that one has enough sales they might consider the larger GT coupe. By the way, a recent patent application showed the carmaker is developing a new turbocharged rotary engine which could reach at least 400 horsepower.


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