Report – Mazda thinking about reviving sporty subbrand

Report – Mazda thinking about reviving sporty subbrand image

The Mazda MPS / Mazdaspeed subbrand was alive and kicking just a few years ago – but today you’re not going to be treated to such sporty goodies anymore. Well, that may be subject to change in the future.

The latest installment in the Mazda3 compact hatchback line led to the demise of the last sporty model from the MPS / Mazdaspeed subbrand a while back. Because of the latest developments – especially considering the niche character of the brand and the emissions regulations coming into effect all around the world – almost no one was expecting the Japanese brand to ever revive it. But since the hot hatchback segment is not only alive, but also thriving, it seems the Mazda bosses might be considering an MPS / Mazdaspeed revival.

We can see the Mazda3 in its current generation has already lost the case for an MPS version – but that might not be the case for the latest and greatest MX-5 convertible. For now, the model is considered for getting a sporty MPS or Mazdaspeed (depending on the market) version – most likely in order to remain up to speed with the Italian counterpart – the 124 – which has its own Abarth trim. The others in the MPS range – Mazda3 and Mazda6 – might be getting their own hardcore models when it’s time for the next generational change. And let’s not forget that somewhere about 2020 the RX-8 successor is also coming out.

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