Report – Mazda’s hotly anticipated RX-9 coming out in 2020

Report – Mazda’s hotly anticipated RX-9 coming out in 2020 image

The latest rumors coming off the mill might entice – again – the eager Mazda rotary fans, because we’re again tipped to the long awaited sports model being greenlit and coming out to play around 2020.

The rotary engined Mazda RX-9, a successor to the issue-plagued but cult RX-8, has been apparently approved by the top brass at Mazda and will be introduced in 2020. A prototype of the RX-9 is now tipped for introduction at the biennial Tokyo Motor Show in 2017, with the production version then coming out at the same venue in 2019. Then, a 2020 introduction for the model that would act as the hero car of the brand’s lineup would coincide with the company’s centenary anniversary. Mazda first sparked dreams of replacing the beloved RX-7 and RX-8 sports cars when it presented the stunning RX-Vision concept during last year’s edition of the Tokyo Motor Show.

Mazda has afterwards remained mum on its intentions, but the well documented rumor mill found the company to have trademarked the RX-9 name and we also found out it had signed off on the car’s design, engineering, and production. The RX-9 will come out less radical than the concept, but will feature the latest Mazda design and classic sports car proportions. The engine is expected to be the same new-generation, SKYACTIV-R rotary engine.


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