Rotary-engined Mazda coupe not in the works

Rotary-engined Mazda coupe not in the works

Mazda has revealed the stunning RX Vision concept that debuted last year at the Tokyo Auto Show won’t spawn a production model in the foreseeable future.

“I was encouraged by the concept but still think, we just created that kind of concept, kind of a dream of bringing that to market in the future but at this moment, no specific plan to mass-produce the vehicle,” affirmed Yuji Nakemine, Mazda’s global director and senior managing executive officer, in a recent interview with Australian website CarAdvice.

The decision isn’t surprising. The coupe market is shrinking globally, which makes it harder and harder for even major car makers to justify the costs of developing one. Rotary engines are more expensive to design than conventional piston engines, so turning the RX Vision concept (pictured) into a production car promises to be a costly endeavor.

The rotary-engined Mazda sports coupe isn’t entirely dead yet, however. The executive explained that Mazda wants to focus on selling the cars that are currently in its lineup; it doesn’t want to spend money branching out into every segment of the market. The idea of a successor to the RX-8 will be re-evaluated if the current cars sell well and Mazda manages to boost its profits.

“If we make good money, and are more robust and can afford more engineering resources, we can again talk about new concepts or visions or whatever,” added Nakemine.

Photos by Ben Hsu.

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