Rotary-Powered RX7 Goes Against V8-Swapped RX7: Which One Is Better?

Few car-related subjects can be more polarizing than the rotary engines, with people either worshiping them or just plain hating them.

The video hosts a very honest direct comparison, done by the Tuned show, between two very similar Mazda RX7 FDs apart from their powertrains, with the red example still maintaining its rotary engine, albeit in a single-turbo status and the white one featuring a V8 swap, and more specifically the LS2 motor from GM.

I’m sure that rotary fans out there will instantly roll their eyes when they hear about their beloved RX7 being powered by an engine with pistons but truth to be told, some people like a more traditional way of enjoying this balanced chassis, not to mention things like torque and reliability.

Yes, I know, rotary engines rev higher, have a smaller mass and make you feel like a million bucks. Matt Farrah says he doesn’t get rotary engines, I just think that the pain in the ass to performance ratio of rotary engines is just not worth it.

Besides, everything is better with a V8 in it. *Flame suit, on*


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