Stock MX-5 Goes Porsche-hunting On The ‘Ring, Posts 8:37.7 Lap

The guys behind the RingBanana project have just broke their own record around Nurburgring, this time with a different but still stock MX-5 and an obviously very talented driver.

The little Mazda managed to go around the German circuit in an impressive 8:37.7, 1.8 seconds faster than the best time posted by Piana and his Ringbanana.

And just as the yellow roadster, this 120k-miles 1991 MX-5 remains stock under the hood, which translates into 100 well exercised horses more or less, making its lap time seem scarcely believable.

The only mods include a Zeta-R coilover suspension from MeisteR, a set of grippy tyres, better brakes pads and a semi-stripped cabin because weight reduction. Combined this with Serxio, the very skilled owner and all of sudden you got yourself a Porsche-hunting machine.

Just look at how Serxio and his blue MX-5 manages to stay close to a race-prepped Porsche Cayman from Karussell onwards and you will realize the size of his achievement and of his iron balls.


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