Stock ‘RingBanana’ MX-5 NA Finally Goes Around The Ring In Under 9 Minutes

If you thought that their previous attempt was impressive, wait until you see what these ‘Ring heroes managed to do with just a set of stickier tires.

The story goes like this: Gabriele Piana bought the cheapest Mazda MX-5 he could find in order to lap the Nurburgring in the fastest way possible with the least amount of money thrown at the Japanese roadster. After lapping the iconic track in a shocking 9:21.8, Gabriele and Kostas decided to set the target of the project under the 9 minute mark.

Turns out that all they needed was a new set of road-legal semi-slick tires and Gabriele’s balls of steel to achieve their goal. So what’s next for the RingBanana? I’m sensing a faster lap-time coming along with more track-flavored awesomeness.

Mazda Miata fans unite and watch some of the most inspired MX-5 driving linked below.


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