The next gen Mazda RX still far away from us

The next gen Mazda RX still far away from us image

Hopes of seeing a new Mazda RX in the near future were shattered by a company executive who revealed that a mass-production version of the Vision concept was not going to happen very soon.

Mazda is the most “emotional” automaker among the Japanese companies and almost all its latest models are a proof of the fact that it really tries to separate itself from the “conventional” crowd. Mazda has reignited its fans’ imagination when it displayed the RX-VISION Concept at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, as this was thought to represent a possible successor of the RX-8 coupe. There are some rumors saying that the Japanese automaker might bring to the public a production version of the concept next year, when the company is also scheduling ample celebrations related to the rotary engine turning 50. Others suggest 2020 as a world premiere to coincide with Mazda’s centenary.

Everyone hopes to see a revival of the badge as soon as possible, but CarAdvice spoke with the firm’s global director and senior managing executive officer, Yuji Nakemine, and he said that enthusiasts may have to wait a little longer. “I was encouraged by the concept but still think, we just created that kind of concept, kind of a dream of bringing that to market in the future but at this moment, no specific plan to mass-produce the vehicle,” he told to the publication.

Mazda has always been a company that did not push for high volumes, preferring to take a different approach than its rivals, and that is the reason why it has to be careful with its financial resources. “I think Mazda R&D will continue to look, that’s their dream as engineers. When it comes to business I think we have to study lots of elements, recovering engineering costs, tooling, we have to be realistic,” Nakemine added. However, not all hopes are lost, at least for the rotary engine, as the automaker recently filed a patent application for an all unit that could produce more than 400 hp.

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