The revival of Mazda’s MPS sport badge also put on hold

The revival of Mazda’s MPS sport badge also put on hold image

After you have just found out that the next RX is not on the automaker’s main agenda for now, Mazda has revealed that the MPS badge is also not part of the short-term strategy.

As we found out earlier, Mazda’s global director and senior managing executive officer Yuji Nakemine told CarAdvice that a production version based on the beautiful RX-Concept is not a priority for the Japanese automaker. There are other mainstream projects that have to be taken care of, such as the SUVs and crossovers, starting with soon to be revealed CX-4. Therefore, the comeback of the MPS badge is unlikely to happen, and if it does, it will certainly be revived after Mazda decides to go forward with the next generation RX.

But Nakamine admitted to the Australian publication Motoring this time that new MPS models are possible future projects for Mazda, as the company will probably want to push them to improve its brand image. “That kind of strategy is reasonable. So if we can, MPS is something that could help us improve the brand further. So we continue to look at it,” the executive stated.

However, Nakamine did not reveal a timeframe for the MPS’s resurrection, but he hinted it would probably be considered after Mazda will fully develop its new rotary engine. Another Mazda executive, Masahiro Moro, recently told Motoring there would be no more “childish executions” such the previous Mazda3 MPS, but that the company remained committed to MPS in the long-term.

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