This Mazda Dealer Says CX-9 SUV Is Worth Considering Over Audi Q7

If you ever find yourself browsing for a new SUV at Morrie’s Inver Grove Mazda in Minnesota, expect them to have plenty of nice things to say about the flagship CX-9.

We’ve seen dealer reviews before and frankly, this one is no different. The CX-9, while sporting a completely different price tag compared to a premium SUV, is somewhat comparable with the Q7.

By that we mean that they’re similar in size and that if you want to save around $20,000 or more – depending on equipment choices, you could in theory go for a Mazda CX-9 that starts from $31,520 instead of an Audi Q7 that kicks off at $54,800. However, this flagship Signature spec CX-9 is just $9,000 cheaper than an Audi Q7 3.0 TFSI.

While the reviewer does try to pay tribute as best he can to the status of the Q7, he definitely shows more enthusiasm while describing the interior of the CX-9 – saying that, in his opinion, the Mazda can be an alternative to not just the Q7, but also rivals from Mercedes, Volvo and BMW.

Still, it’s difficult to imagine an Audi Q7 buyer changing his mind and going for the CX-9 as long as he can afford the Audi’s sticker price.

However, if you have more to add in favor of the CX-9 over the 2017 Q7, please let us know what you think.


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