This Turbo Mazda MX-5 Keeps Up With Porsche 911 GT3 RS And Ferrari 488 GTB On The ‘Ring

Yes, it’s another episode of how a low-budget track warrior can show the big boys how it’s done.

Our friends over at the One Lap Heroes channel continue their long search for an under-8min lap of the iconic track with their personal cars, coming out of a long period that included engine failures and miscellaneous unlucky moments.

Driving his freshly rebuilt turbo MX-5, Kostas Sidiras was out on the track when a Porsche 911 GT3 RS and a Ferrari 488 GTB went flying past him.

The rest of the video is a very nice demonstration of how precious is the combination of track knowledge and great driving skills, with Kostas being able to fill the mirrors of that GT3 RS with the reflection of his old Miata.

Is a track-prepped turbocharged MX-5 actually faster than a Porsche and a Ferrari around the Nurburgring? Of course not, but this doesn’t detract anything from the brilliance of the following video.


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