Toyota & Mazda reportedly developing a BMW i3 sized EV

Toyota and Mazda recently entered into a “mutually beneficial long term partnership” and new details are starting to emerge about what it entails.

According to Motoring, Toyota is developing a Prius-based crossover that will be powered by a Mazda-sourced 1.5-liter SKYACTIV-D diesel engine.  While nothing is official, one source told the publication it will have “comparable mileage” to the Prius and a “far better driving experience.”  The crossover should also be able to travel “well over 800 km (497 miles)” on a single tank of fuel.

The companies are also rumored to be working on an electric vehicle that would be roughly the same size as the BMW i3.  Little is known about it but the model is reportedly being designed to appeal to American and Japanese consumers.

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