U.S. Tuners Create Brilliant Widebody Mazda RX-7

Our hopes of a new rotary-powered sports car from Mazda may have been recently crushed, but for owners of arguably the best road-going rotary car ever, the RX-7, a tuning company has the answer to sparking life into the ageing design.

Final Form USA and Fujita Engineering have teamed up to create a special widebody kit for the FD3S RX-7 to give the rear-wheel drive sports car a much more aggressive stance and enough overt styling elements to turn the heads of even the most discerned Japanese sports car enthusiasts.

Up front, the kit consists of a large carbon fiber splitter which is mated to a custom bumper that also includes large canards to further increase front-end downforce. There are also new front quarter panels with shark gill-like air extractors, not too dissimilar to those of the 911 GT3 RS. Other key parts of the bodykit are the carbon side skirts, flared rear wheel arches, distinctive rear bumper and large diffuser. This particular RX-7 also includes mounting points for a huge rear wing.

Although the third-generation RX-7 hasn’t been produced since 2002, it still remains one of the most popular sports cars of its time with almost 70,000 produced. Depending on spec, its 1.3-liter twin-turbo rotary engine delivered between 252 and 276 HP.

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