Valentino Rossi Meets Mazda 787B

The Mazda 787B is a sick piece of kit, that’s why it needed ‘The Doctor’s’ treatment.

When two legends get together, the whole word stops for a second to admire the occurrence. That’s what happened at the Goodwood Festival of Speed when Valentino Rossi formed a bond with the gorgeously ferocious Mazda 787B.

The most exotic symbiosis between man and machine? Well, I dare you to find a more striking combination than the best motorcycle racer and the 1991 Le Mans winner Group C Prototype. It’s like seeing Kimi Raikkonen in a NASCAR truck. Oh, wait…

Anyway, Valentino drove the beast without giving it the full beans on the hill-climb. We expected that, especially following the terrible accident involving a 767B model.

In 1991, when the car won the gruesome 24-hour race, Valentino Rossi was 12 years old. Now, in 2015 he explicitly requested to drive it around the course at Goodwood. Talking about meeting your idols…


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