[Video] How it’s made: Mazda shows the operation of the MX-5 RF roof

[Video] How it’s made: Mazda shows the operation of the MX-5 RF roof image

The Japanese automaker is pretty proud of its automatic mechanism that actuates the movable roof of the MX-5 Miata RF, with the mechanism actually more impressive than first thought.

There’s an exquisite pleasure for us geeks to watch those series of “how it’s made” on the documentary channels – and every now and then the automakers also indulge in such innocent pleasures. Today we get to experience Mazda’s intricate and beautiful process of the small roadster’s hardtop retraction process. Up first, the system will unlock the roof from the top of the windshield, then the fastback panel is raised and shifted towards the rear. With the piece moving out of the way, the top starts an “origami” fold to stow the roof away – and the fastback piece than moves back in to position for a targa-like experience.

We can see the resemblance to the way the newest and greatest Porsche 911 Targa gets the rear glass out of the way when hiding the roof. Production of the RF has started, with deliveries in the US and Europe coming next year – with prices kicking off at $31,555 and 22,195 pounds in the United States and Great Britain, respectively. There’s also a Launch Edition but if you want that you’re already out of luck because the 1,000 units limited series was pre-sold in a week.

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