[Video] Winter isn’t over yet – choose your proper Japanese crossover

[Video] Winter isn’t over yet – choose your proper Japanese crossover image

Mazda, an automaker that was “left for dead” after parting ways with Ford, has made a name for itself even though its sales aren’t the most spectacular when compare to the other Japanese grands.

And there’s another underdog coming from the Rising Sun country that proved it’s easy to navigate the high tides of the automotive industry if you have the proper strategy – Subaru. These two have met for a faceoff with one of the more popular brands – Honda. And because both Mazda and Subaru have built a solid reputation in the United States (Honda’s place there is undeniable) the trio has decided to fight each other on a snow-covered slope in Colorado. If it’s a winter setting, then the best weapons are the crossovers, so we have here the 2016 Mazda CX-5, 2016 Subaru Forester and 2016 Honda CR-V. The MX-5 SUV has a tough nut to crack here – the Forester has built an iconic reputation and has a cult following thanks to the proprietary AWD system and host of safety systems while the CR-V is a best-seller in the segment thanks to its inherent practicality, efficiency and low price.

Courtesy of the guys from TFL Car we now have a well crafted and fair review – though we’re also unsure of the actual results since the Mazda engineers were there to check everything out (this was the same setting used by the Japanese to showcase the all-weather capabilities of the MX-5 roadster). Anyways, aside from the slightly jittery ride of the CX-5 and creaks coming from the auto gearbox the setup was at least fair in all earnest since all three crossovers had the same type of tires. If you watch the video you can call your own shots and conclusions.

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