Zap! This Vintage ’91 Mazda Pickup Truck is All Electric


At one point, electric vehicles were the butt of plenty of automotive jokes. They were slow, they weren’t exactly exciting, and if you had to do some serious commuting, they were far from ideal. 

Today however, electric vehicles are not only changing the game… in some instances they’re clobbering the competition. Better think twice about lining up at the drag strip next to a Tesla Model X P90D.

This vintage Mazda—now electrically powered—admittedly follows parts of the earlier formula, as it has been adapted from an originally gas-powered B2200 pickup truck. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t functional! It’s got a tip-up bed, a torquey electric motor, and looks remarkably clean for its 25 years of age. Like it? It’s also up for sale on eBay.


Up front, the Mazda pickup sports the words “Shock Hazard” at the tip of its hood… hopefully that’s just a nickname, and not a word of caution.

Beneath the hood lies a veritable sea of 38 lithium-ion batteries, replacing the B2200’s original 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine, though the electric power still flows through the Mazda’s five-speed manual transmission, albeit with the help of a DC electric motor. All told, no performance and mileage stats are listed, though 30 miles per charge (plus or minus) is noted over at Barnfinds, which would make it a usable daily driver for short commutes or trips to the hardware store. The batteries alone reportedly cost a whopping $7,000.

Take a look out back, and things get even more interesting. The Mazda B2200 now sports a tip-up bed, which doubles as access to its ladder frame chassis and crucially extra space for more lithium-ion batteries in the future. Currently, the batteries under the hood are said to displace around the same weight as the original engine.


Overall, the Mazda truck body looks to be in great shape despite its quarter of a century on planet earth and it’s said to even have 133,049 miles to its name. The relatively recent EV powertrain conversion however is said to boast just 500 miles.

Plan to jet your way up the US coastline this summer in EV style? This probably isn’t the ideal EV for the job, but as a daily driver and weekend toy… it’s quite the unique prospect.

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