Mazda CX-4 will not be sold in Australia

March 14, 2016 0

The all-new Mazda CX-4 will make its international debut in production guise at the 2016 Shanghai motor show – but it won’t be sold in Australia, CarAdvice can reveal.
We’ve already covered the Mazda Koeru concept and we’ve seen a number of images of the production version in China – see … read more

Mazda Hints At Folding Hardtop MX-5 For New York Auto Show

March 11, 2016 0

Sun-seekers with a love for wind-in-the-hair motoring but a need for added security, take note – Mazda is preparing to unveil a folding hardtop equipped MX-5 at the New York Auto Show.
Although not entirely confirmed yet, Mazda has offered a cryptically-worded invite to the motoring press, suggesting … read more

Mazda CX-4 Or CX-6 Exposed Again In China

January 27, 2016 0

More images of Mazda’s coming CX-4 (or CX-6, the name is still to be revealed) ‘SUV coupe’ have surfaced, this time outside of the FAW-Mazda joint venture factory in China where the new model will be built for the Chinese market.
Like the first images, the second spy-capture includes a low grade … read more

Mazda CX-6/CX-4 crossover spotted again

January 25, 2016 0

The all-new Mazda CX-6 (or is it CX-4?) crossover coupe SUV has been spied once again in China ahead of its expected world premiere within a few months.
This leak comes one week after our first look at the production crossover. This red example of what appears to be an upper-spec car, spotted near the … read more

2017 Mazda CX-4

January 19, 2016 0

Remember the Mazda Koeru concept that made its debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show? The company described it as its “latest venture into the growing crossover SUV market” and confirmed there will be a production version of it before the show was over. Well, it turns out that the new model will hit … read more

New Mazda CX-4, CX-6 Or CX-7 Spied Undisguised

January 19, 2016 0

Whether it’s called the CX-4, the CX-7 or perhaps even the CX-6, these scoops prove that Mazda is gearing up for the presentation of the production version of last year’s Koeru Concept.
The sports, or as some carmakers would have you call it, four-door coupe-style crossover, was spotted completely … read more

Mazda Koeru Makes The Move To Production With CX-4/CX-6

January 18, 2016 0

When the covers came off the Mazda Koeru concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015 Mazda proudly proclaimed that the slant-back SUV offered “a glimpse into the future of the Mazda line-up”.
Little did we know the production version would surface less than five months after the concept’s debut.
These … read more

2017 Mazda CX-4/CX-6 Koeru crossover spied

January 18, 2016 0

Chinese automotive website Popsuv has revealed images of what appears to be a production version of the Mazda Koeru crossover concept, which was revealed at the 2015 Frankfurt motor show.
The vehicle pictured, which was photographed at a Mazda post-production facility in China, is believed to be the … read more

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