Report – Next Mazda MX-5 to go on a diet using carbon fiber

July 26, 2016 0

The ongoing fourth generation of the ubiquitous Japanese roadster has been out and about for a year – give or take a few months depending on the market – but there’s already word of the upcoming next generation.
According to the latest rumor on the roadster that everybody dreams about, the fifth … read more

Next Mazda Miata could go carbon fiber

July 26, 2016 0

The fourth-generation Miata isn’t exactly a heavy-weight, but Mazda is planning a significant weight reduction for the next-generation of the roadster, due out sometime after 2021.
In order to achieve that goal of less weight, Mazda won’t shrink the Miata’s footprint but rather rely on lighter materials, … read more

Carbon Fibre Future For Next Generation MX-5

July 25, 2016 0

Mazda’s lightweight focus for the current MX-5 is set to step up a notch when the next generation roadster appears at the start of next decade.
That’s according to the MX-5 program head, Nobuhiro Yamamoto, who revealed the goal in an interview with Britain’s Autocar.
Although the current generation … read more

Mazda Sold A Lot of Miatas Through the First Half of 2016

July 23, 2016 0

There’s no doubt that the new Mazda Miata is one of the best, if not the best iteration of the car the company has ever built. It went back to its roots—lighter, nimbler, and more fun than previous generations; and buyers are most definitely appreciating that return to form. They snatched up 5,384 … read more

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