Driving Mazda’s rotary road car ancestry

October 5, 2016 0

Last year, Mazda showed us the RX Vision, a concept car which could bring rotary power back to reasonably priced sports cars.
Cool looking thing, but the cars which have led up to it are hardly shabby either. The rambunctious little group above is Mazda’s rotary road car family tree, and with the … read more

There’s More to this Mazda Wagon than Meets the Eye

May 27, 2016 0

To many people, this aged Mazda station wagon is well beyond saving. It’s been said to have sat under the beating California sun for the past three decades, and a quick look around would confirm that history—it’s a bit rough, for sure. 
But discounting this Mazda as just another offering for … read more

March Mazda Madness: RX-3 vs RX-7

March 17, 2016 0

We’re smack dab in the middle of another March Madness. For those of you unfamiliar, basically the playoffs and following championship of college basketball. But we do March Madness a little differently around here—our March Madness involves cars, obviously.
This year, we’re pitting some of the … read more

Lost Concept Cars: Mazda Furai

February 4, 2016 0

It seems, to me, you lived your life like a candle in the wind. For a design that’s almost as old as the automotbile itself, the rotary engine is quite a rare sight in cars. Sure, a number of cars over the years have had a stab at conquering the pistonless powerplant: the Citroen GS Birotor, NSU Ro80 … read more

This 1971 Mazda RX-2 Proves Not All Aussies Drive V-8s

January 14, 2016 0

In Australia, enthusiasts who want a rear-wheel drive coupe or sedan are spoiled for choice. It’s no surprise that the majority of Aussie automotive enthusiasm can be boiled down to the equivalent of our fascination with the muscle car. Yet not all Aussies subscribe to the cult of the big engine, bigger … read more

Jay Leno Has A Blast In 400HP Restomod 1973 Mazda RX3

August 27, 2015 0

Getting a restomod project right is a hard thing to do, probably harder than restoring a car to its former glory.
Every now and then Jay Leno introduces us to beautiful restomod projects and this 1973 Mazda RX3 is one of the best we’ve seen so far. Sold as the Mazda Savanna in Japan and as the RX3 … read more

Top 10 Best Mazdas of All Time

August 26, 2015 0

It Just Feels Right; Passion for the Road; Get in. Be moved; Zoom-Zoom; Driving Matters.
These are the various slogans Mazda has used over the years to convey that the manufacturer’s cars are fun to drive. Although not every vehicle to roll off a Mazda assembly line has been a joy to operate (I’m … read more